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Everyone who knows Russ is devastated by his recent automobile accident. George-Anne, Jennifer, our family, and I are deeply appreciative of the huge outpouring of love and support shown by all of our friends, co-workers and members of RVCC, and ZBT fraternity brothers. All of us are collectively holding our breath to hear good news about Russ and his condition. Since new developments (both good and bad) are happening all the time it is difficult to keep track of who I have told what. In an effort to make sure that everyone who cares about Russ is fully informed of his condition I am going to regularly put status reports on this site. I still look forward to hearing from everyone on the phone but hopefully through this site I can do a better job providing all the information everyone is looking for.

Bob Wardlow (aka to Russ and his friends) Bobby

Updates on Russell's condition

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06/07/04 06/08/04 06/20/04 06/29/04

07/17/04 08/4/04 08/9/04 09/2/04 09/19/04

10/02/04 10/21/04 11/27/04 2/8/05 2/11/05 2/13/05 2/27/05

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Riding bicycle 8/24/03

Walking 5/8/03

Tennis 5/4/03

Tennis 2 5/4/03

Waving to Friends 02/26/03

Walking with Parallel Bars 03/07/03

Walking with Parallel Bars 2 03/07/03

Air Hockey 03/09/03



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